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June Member Spotlight: Ashley Macko

Tell us a little about yourself and what got you on the path to CrossFit…

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh! Grew up playing a lot of sports but started focusing more on Volleyball in High School which I continued to play at Duquesne University and then returned back to Pittsburgh to go to PT school at University of Pittsburgh. I did travel PT after grad school, where I worked and lived in St Thomas, Alaska, California and some not as exciting other places. I moved back to Hilton Head about 5 years ago working in Home health, until my boyfriend and I (who was living here at the time) found out we were expecting our now 18 month old son.... (That’s a story for another day). So I’ve been up here for 18 months. I still work as a PT in home health. I just got engaged!!! During my free time we enjoy hanging out, boating, wakeboarding, shrimping, entertaining, and just hanging out with friends, families, and neighbors.

I got into Crossfit about 10 years ago when I was living down in St Thomas. I used to hang out with a bunch of people that did it and I always made fun of them, then they offered some groupon type deal and I drank the kool-aid and got hooked.

What keeps you coming back each day?

I kept coming back because I enjoyed the competitive nature, the community, the variety, and not having to think of what I want to do that day.

What is your favorite at-home exercise to do?

I recently got back into running and will also do some free weight stuff that we typically don’t do at the gym.

If you had to do 100 reps of one movement (not running), what would it be?


What are 1-2 of your goals for 2023? Have you accomplished any of these?

After having some knee issues from running and finding out I have the “back of an 80 year old” my goal was to stay injury free, work up to a 5 minute plank, and complete a couch to 10K app. I achieved the plank goal about a month or 2 ago and just completed the app a couple weeks ago. I have been injury free since October…. Until I got bit by a German Shepard on the Achilles area and trying to sleep with it elevated threw my back into another episode.

Favorite lift?

Power Clean

Least favorite Crossfit movement?

Wall walks, squat snatches, devils press, turkish get ups (okay that was more than one)


Pittsburgh, PA

Favorite Charleston Restaurant?

Sunset Cay (not sure that counts since they don’t serve food) but we don’t really go anywhere that’s not on Folly, Hilton Head, or that you can get to by boat.

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?

Well growing up I always wanted to be a garbage man or bricklayer, but now I would say boat Captain/tour guide…. Or a fly girl

What would you most like to tell yourself at age 13?

Be nicer to your brother, he’s going to be bigger than you one day.

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?

No one, I’m good with the people I know

One thing about me people would be surprised to know?

I don’t think there are too many things that are surprising about me because I’m an open book. But some fun facts are: I once stayed in a swimming pool for 24 hours to win a competition, I once ate 63 wings for an eating competition, and I won the Hilton Head beer mile a few years ago.

If the CFJI coaches came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare?

My chicken enchiladas, beef tacos, and Margaritas

Give us a “Question of the Day” to use in class.

How many work out shoes do you have and how often do you replace them?

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