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CrossFit James Island is the premier training facility serving James Island and the Charleston area! We are conveniently located off Folly Road and our multi-faceted 3,000 square-foot facility allows for varied, functional workout programming.

Our program is based on CrossFit methodology. This means we do constantly varied, functional movements (like squats and push-ups) at a high-intensity. Functional movements are organic in nature, innate to our DNA and essential to our quality of life. We train for longevity, we train for health and most of all we train for fun.

We coach movement and exercise that are natural and fundamental to human physiology and health. What separates us from your typical gym experience is that our workouts are not at all typical. We strip away the non-functional machinery and teach body mechanics and awareness. We ensure you get the best and most effective training by coaching you through the foundational exercises and gradually increasing difficulty and intensity. The workouts are never the same but designed to elicit a neuroendocrine response with every workout guaranteeing you see steady, sustainable progress. We combine these workouts with proper nutrition to achieve each athlete’s optimal body composition and health.

We are passionate about health and fitness and it shows in the dedication, education and knowledge of our world-class coaches - our collective goal is to get you healthier and fitter with each and every workout. Our coaches are CrossFit Certified, an ANSI accredited program, and are also experts in specialty domains traditionally incorporated into CrossFit. 

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