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Our OnRamp is a pre-requisite to new CrossFit athletes. It is designed to provide an easy intro to our movements, our coaching, and getting you comfortable with the gym. We will familiarize you with the equipment, the structure of classes, and to educate you on proper technique in each movement.


Each 1-on-1 Session will cover different aspects of our curriculum as well as familiarize you with our movements, culture, and begin to give you a taste of our workouts. 



We will begin to show you the ins and outs of the gym from the moment you walk in the doors until the moment you leave us. 

We will cover the basics of our squatting and pressing movements. These will be seen frequently in our group/personal training sessions. 

We will go through our first high intensity workout that will determine your fitness level on your first day. Don't worry you can't fail at this. It's just a way for us to establish a baseline that we can test later to show you how your fitness has improved with us. 

We will finish with a nice cool down stretch and a high five! You did it! You completed Day 1!



We will discuss the benefits of pre-workout and post-workout mobility methods and stretching to help you become more flexible and to prevent injury over time. 

We will begin to cover movements that involve a hinge at the hip. These movements range from rowing to standard deadlifts and are common in developing strength along the back side (posterior chain) of your body. Our session will then move into another high intensity 8 minute workout incorporating some of the movements we learned at the start of class. 

We will then conclude the session with some post workout mobility methods and as always a high five! You are already halfway through our OnRamp!



Our 3rd session will cover the “How to” & “Why’s” of scaling. We will cover how to approach our classes to choose a workout option that will maximize your workout and minimize your insecurities. Our motto is “Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can” Each person is highly individual in their strengths and weaknesses and it's important to keep this in mind everyday.

We will then begin to cover movements where a bar or implement is weighted on the shoulders otherwise known as a front rack position. This will also cover some Olympic lifts we will be utilizing in our personal training sessions and group classes. These are a lot of fun!

We will conclude with another short workout and some stretching as we cool down.



Our 4th and final sessions of our Onramp will include a discussion of nutrition as the foundation for which our fitness is built. It's important to build a strong foundation of healthy whole foods so that our workouts and recovery are maximized while our systematic inflammation and muscle soreness is minimized. We will then go over some gymnastics movements we use to develop body awareness in space. We will also cover a few additional Olympic lifts we started to learn in our 3rd session. We will then move on to retest our baseline workout to see how we've improved over the last 2 weeks! You'll be pleasantly surprised!


Following our 4th session your coach will give you an individualized plan moving forward so that you maximize your time with us and can accelerate your fitness level as smoothly and as safely as possible.

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