Member Spotlight — Josh and Julie

What are 1-2 of your goals for 2020?

Julie: Participate in the Dirty Doug workout this year so I will know I can try it before I turn 50, next year.

Josh: Handstand walk 25 feet unbroken.

If you had to do 100 reps of one movement (not running), what would it be?

Julie: Dumbbell Plank Row, I’ve only done it once in class so I’m not sure how 100 would feel...

Josh: Push Ups

What differences have you noticed since joining CFJI / tell us about your individual progress.

Julie: I clearly had no idea what I was getting into and still struggle at times with knowing what exactly I’m supposed to be doing in class, but that doesn’t knock down my confidence level or my desire to still come to class. I used to look at the workouts ahead of time and often had anxiety as to what I was about to encounter, now I just go and don’t worry, it’s all going to be hard but it’s going to be worth it.

Josh: I thought i would never be able to do a handstand and now I am making a run at a 25 foot handstand walk unbroken as my goal.

How has the gym affected your life outside of CFJI?

Julie: I actually take time to do something for myself. It’s hard to juggle it all when you have a family but you are much happier when you take time to do something for yourself.

Josh: I actually take lunch now at work- for the first 18 or so years I ate at my desk and worked through lunch - I now make time for me and typically take a break in the day by going to the noon class- when I return to work Ii am much more productive and happier

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?

Julie: Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets

Josh: Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia. His ability to turn his passion into a great business that produces the best quality outdoor gear at the same time putting his profits into protecting the environment- if only more people shared this way of thinking.

One thing about me people would be surprised to know?

Julie: I worked at Disney World for a semester in college

Josh: I worked on a lobster boat that was in the movie Mystic Pizza

What is your favorite movie?

Julie: On Golden Pond

Josh: Star Wars, A New Hope

What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?

Julie: The band Leonard Skynyrd is named after the band members gym teacher/nemesis..

Josh: Cheese is the most shoplifted food in the world.

What is your hometown?

Julie: Fairfield, CT

Josh: Westerly, RI

Favorite Charleston restaurant?

When we thought out loud about what our favorite restaurant we both said how much we used to love going to Sermet’s when it was downtown on the corner of Wentworth and King. We lived downtown and would walk up there and always have a delicious meal. It was before there were white table cloths and white cloth covered chairs. Sermet was behind the counter cooking and his paintings were hung on the walls. They served white bread with olive oil - a new fad back then that we of course loved!

Josh, how has CFJI affected your skills in the water?

Being more active at CFJI and strengthening my whole body on a more regular basis has helped prevent injuries from the repetitive motions of paddling.

Julie, what are some of your favorite “sleeveless dress” workouts?

I’m up for anything with a dumb bell. I’d like to say I’m going to conquer a ring dip but if I could just get to the second modification that would be a huge improvement.

Julie, do you miss your peanut butter sandwiches at lunch.

Ah, yes but who wouldn’t love them; white bread, creamy Skippy applied perfectly; not too thick or too thin.

What got you on the path to CrossFit together?