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Life Challenge 5.0

First of all we would like to congratulate all of our Life Challenge 5.0 participants! Each time we do one of these challenges, we tweak and adjust it to ensure everyone gets a little something out of it. For those unfamiliar that may like to participate next time, our Life Challenge is a 30 day challenge to explore all aspects of your lives. We track everything from sleep, water consumption, exercise, extra mobility, meditation, and body composition for 30 days. Our challengers are split into teams to help support each other and we create a separate group facebook page for the participants to share tips, recipes, and encouragement. All participants also receive body scans at the start and finish to illuminate how these metrics can affect overall performance and aesthetics. Simply stepping on the scale is often misleading and can be discouraging whereas a body scan can show direct metrics like, left/right muscle imbalances which can lead to injury, body fat %, and overall muscle mass. We also provide participants with exact amounts of protein, carbs, fat, and overall caloric consumption that serve as a guideline for the results you are looking for. Everyone's goals are different here so some are looking to add mass while others might be looking to just lose some of that stubborn COVID weight gain. In short, if followed it’s hard not to see measurable changes in overall health and wellness. We’ve done solely nutrition focused challenges in the past and felt they can often be short sighted if some of the bigger components are not taken seriously. Our goal is to improve upon positive habits and solidify those positive habit formations across time and that’s just what these challenges are centered around.

So let’s get to the winners and highlights from our challenge. We will begin with our team winners. These athletes hung in there for all 30 days and really grabbed the bull by the horns. 30 days is a long time so let’s give it up for these guys and gals!

Overall Team Point Winners!

  1. Team G-Unit - Patrick Garrison and Colt Grunsy took 1st Place with a combined score of 427 Points. Patrick took the prize for most points earned over the 30 days with Colt just behind him. Awesome work fellas!

  2. Team Shar’n and Kar’n for eachother - Karen Harper and Sharon Martin took 2nd place with a combined score of 408 points.

  3. Team Batman and the Joker - Aaron (Batman) Bowman and Brian (Joker) Tavares took 3rd Overall with 398 points.

Everyone who participated really did a great job of keeping up with their tracking and staying on top of it. In the past we’ve had teams struggle past week 2 but not this crew! These stuck to their good habits throughout the challenge.

Overall Individual Body Composition Winners!

These athletes saw this biggest change in body composition and really made us proud with their improvements!


  1. Sharon Martin - Sharon was able to sneak out on top by losing 2.2% body fat while also putting on a whopping 3.1 lbs of muscle! Sharon’s effort really shines here and it was a pleasure watching her change her body composition despite only being able to do at home workouts. Sharon added 3.7 lbs to her overall weight which could be discouraging if you just saw that by stepping on the scale, but the change was all positive! This is why it’s important to not just look at weight on the scale but get an accurate picture of the changes that are happening within the body.

  2. Brian Tavares - Brain had one of the biggest changes as well. Brian has been crossfitting for a hot minute, but once he dialed in the caloric goals, sleep habits, and protein numbers was able to drop 3% body fat and put on 1.3 lbs of muscle. That’s awesome and a feat in and of itself. These are the results that mere mortals can only dream of… Nice work Brian!

  3. Colt Grunsky - Colt has been one of our most consistent members as of late. Colt has been a member at CFJI since November of 2019. This was Colt’s first challenge and he crushed his goals on this one. Over the course of 30 days Colt lost 2% body fat and added a pound of muscle. Colt who is already a pretty in shape individual is now a lean mean fighting machine. Nice work Colt! Keep it coming!

  4. Karen Harper - We were going to just post the top 3 individuals here but Karen was only a few points from sneaking into 3rd and we would be remise not to mention her effort. Karen has been a long time member as well and has participated in 3-4 Life Challenges I believe. She believes that each time she participates in one of these challenges that she is able to refocus on areas of her life that can sometimes be problematic. She always has great results and these results were no different. She was able to drop her body fat percentage by 1.8% and put on a pound of muscle. Not bad for a long time vet and one of our most consistent crossfitters!

Everyone did an amazing job here and we want to congratulate everyone on there hard work!

We should have gift bags and some of our prizes arriving at the gym tomorrow. Tanks will take a few more days as they were back ordered and coming from California, but hopefully by next week. Congrats to everyone for all of your hard work and dedication… Don’t stop the positive habits you picked up… Keep up the hard work and you will see your changes continue to improve.

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