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Member Spotlight — Jordan Hollinshead

Jordan just finished the open doing all of the workouts as prescribed which she was not able to complete last year! She's working on becoming a doctor and also training like a boss. We're so excited to learn more about her in our April Member Spotlight! Keep doing you, Jordan!

What got you in the doors at CFJI and what keeps you coming back?

Google got me in the door but the coaching and the people kept me coming back! Melissa Dewalk was the first person to talk to me. She was so nice and welcoming!! The small class size was a huge change from my former gym, but it’s so nice to have more attention from the coaches especially with lifting.

How has your outlook on nutrition and weightlifting changed since you started?

My view of nutrition has taken a total 360. I was working out to eat (and eat like crap). Then the nutrition challenge was a huge turn around for me. I was always weary of weightlifting because I didn’t want to hurt myself, but after learning how to properly lift it has become much more fun! What do you like most about CFJI?

I love the smaller class sizes and the attention that you get from the coaches. I have improved dramatically in the last 8 months I’ve been at CFJI. It makes a huge difference when there are only 10 people in a class compared to 25. It also helps that the coaches are awesome! My first 2 months at CFJI I went to 9 am every day, so Jenna helped me a ton!​

How long have you been a part of CrossFit?

I've been doing CrossFit for a little over 2 years, but consistently probably a year.

Favorite encouraging words you’ve heard at CFJI...

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. I don’t know how encouraging that is, but it’s the main thing I keep in my mind while doing workouts. It’s so true! We are there to push ourselves and the pain of the workout is only temporary.

So, you're in school?! Why do you value CrossFit and why has it been a priority despite being busy with school?

It is my stress relief / social hour every day. When school is hard I get to come to the gym and throw around heavy things!!

The biggest thing you learned from the Open?

You will never win the open, but you can win little victories in the open. Every new thing, every time you did something better than last year it’s a little victory.

Favorite lift.

Clean and jerk.

Least favorite lift. Snatch

Number 1 thing you want to accomplish in the gym this year...

A handstand pushup.

Hometown: Nashville, TN

What brough you to Charleston?

Anesthesia School

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would you choose? (calories don't count)

The Brisket Burger from Martin’s BBQ in Nashville

You're an Olympic athlete...what's your sport?


Who would you choose as your Voice coach?

Blake (I’m partial I have a friend on the show right now, Go Pryor!!)

Thoughts on Channing Tatum being recently single?

Where do I sign up?? What do you enjoy to do in your free time outside of school and the gym? Anything outside!! Three things on your bucket list…

1. Graduate

2. Travel lots of places

3. Pay off student loans

One thing about me people would be surprised to know?

Pride and Prejudice is my favorite movie.

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