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Fasting, Big Pharma, and the Nation's Health

I've been doing a daily fasting regimen, also known as intermittent fasting, with the exception of some brunch on the weekends since I moved to Charleston in 2012. It's been a game changer in the way I've perceived hunger cravings, macro-nutrient intake, food intolerance, and mental acuity while in a fasted state vs being in a fed state. I've also done a 3 day fast with trace amounts of fat and water as well. The reason for this being as a method of cancer

prevention and a boost in a natural cell removal process known as cellular autophagy. Constantly eating causes the body to be in a state of perpetual digestions which take a lot of energy away from other bodily systems. When you fast, it can be a way to naturally clean out your body’s garbage. This is why it's a great way to help with cancer prevention as many tumors are formed from mutated cell growth and an inability for the body to rid itself of damaged cells.

This article also alludes to the healthcare industry and how the information is not really profitable field to study. So inevitably, we see a lack of research into the subject as no one will make money from the research. Hope this can be helpful to anyone interested in fasting, or intermittent fasting.

Have questions? Need nutrition help? We will be rolling out a new personalized nutrition program starting in January. Stay tuned for more details or email with any questions!

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