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In short, we take a balanced approach. By meeting our members at their current fitness level, we're able to provide consistent, sustainable progress and results. Through proper coaching and a wide range of programming, we're proud to provide lifestyle changes for everyone from CrossFit beginners to seasoned veterans. Check out our member and drop-in stories and feel free to share your own experiences on one of the outlets below.



More than a gym - it's family! You will absolutely surprise yourself.


Dropped in and it was an awesome experience. Thank you letting me get in a WOD during my vacation. I will definitely be back when I visit Charleston again.


Great crew - coaches and other athletes, lots of individual attention from the coaches. They make sure athletes are always working to the next level, but they meet you wherever you are when you begin and the development pace is properly balanced between tough and intelligent. It's a very personal, warm workout atmosphere and it's ok if someone can't yet do the Rx movements. They go over the modifications without singling out.


Amazing community, coaches, and programming! One of the few boxes that tie in nutrition. If you're visiting Charleston, this is absolutely the best box to visit. Just 10 minutes from Folly Beach, and you may even catch a beach WOD!


If you want a great work out with awesome people with the guidance of amazing coaches, swing by!!


Joined this community being new to Charleston and new to any sort of weight-lifting experience. I felt welcomed, encouraged and comfortable from my first day there. The coaches talk through each movement as we start, give alternates ways of working up to the prescribed movement and always welcome any question I have. I have learned a lot, certainly toned up, and had a lot of fun with the people I've met there!


Thank you for your hospitality, great coaching and fun WODS! It was great visiting your box this week!


CFJI has been a LIFE CHANGING experience for me! For someone who has had a chronic case of gym-phobia her whole life, CFJI opened its arms with a loving embrace. Love the people, the workouts and the motivation I feel to live a healthier lifestyle!


Great box to work out at! Awesome community. Love that the coaches truly pay attention to technique and work with each person to help them be their best.

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